10 Relatable Secrets About New Emotions in Inside Out 2 Movie

Recently, on June 14, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures released the sequel to Inside Out, titled Inside Out 2, with a box office budget of roughly 28.7 million dollars. In the first part of the movie, you have already seen Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Sadness. But now, with the addition of new emotions in Inside Out 2, you will also see Envy, Ennui, Embarrassment, and Anxiety Inside Out 2.

Emotions are an intrinsic part of your body. Some people say that emotions are directly related to your heart and are revealed there. Emotions have a special place in your heart, whether it is joy or sorrow, laughter or envy, each one holds a unique place in your heart. These emotions distinguish between the living and the non-living; without emotions, we would all merely be comparable to machines.

New emotions have been introduced, and viewers will get to see these emotions that arise in a child as they transition through their teenage years. This animated movie perfectly depicts those emotions in a child-centric way. After the first movie’s success at the box office, this movie is also expected to shine brightly at the cinemas. Although it is an animated movie that purely depicts the emotions arising within a teenager as they grow up, in this article I will cover the key learnings these emotions teach us that might give us a new perspective on our daily lives.


10 Relatable Secrets About New Emotions in Inside Out 2 Movie

1. Balancing Emotions

Joy may not be on the list of new emotions in Inside Out 2 movie but it teaches you that it’s important to balance your emotions and that happiness is just one part of a full emotional spectrum. Look, emotions also have a lifecycle, where all emotions, whether joy or sorrow, laughter or sadness, come in their own time.

It is important to understand that everything is transient; if you are happy about something today, remember that there will also be days when this happiness may drift away from you. Similarly, if you are sad about something, understand that this is just a bad time that will pass. By not letting your emotions outburst and keeping them in control, you can balance them.

2. Embracing Vulnerability

Similarly, Sadness teaches us that it’s okay to feel helpless and that squeezing out our true emotions is a strength, not a weakness. Sadness also is not a new addition to the list of new emotions in Inside Out 2 movie but it teaches us something very important which may be used as a strength and not a weakness.

We should embrace vulnerability. Sometimes, it’s okay to feel helpless and cry. Sometimes, it’s okay to ask for help. This is not a sign of weakness. Sometimes, you need to let out your true feelings so they don’t stay bottled up inside and turn into poison. Trust me, it feels much lighter, and you may feel better. So next time you feel sad inside, just let out your inner feelings and cry. Use it as a strength, not a weakness.

3. Healthy Expression

Anger teaches us to express emotions in a healthy way. When channeled appropriately, expressing anger can provide a sense of relief and reduce stress. Look, getting angry has never helped anyone. It’s okay to be angry, but don’t let it worsen the situation. You can control your anger and release it in a healthy way. If you exercise the art of self-control over your emotions, you can properly channel your anger and use it as a form of stress relief. This way, you won’t feel stressed, and you can come up with a fruitful solution to the problem.

4. Calculative and Watchful

Fear teaches us to be calculative and watchful, motivating us to plan ahead for upcoming risks. It can control our decisions, considering the consequences of our actions. Fear has been a part of the movie since Inside Out was first released and therefore it is also not a new addition to the list of new emotions in Inside Out 2 move.

Fear teaches you to move forward cautiously; it forces you to make thoughtful decisions and prepares you to face upcoming challenges by assessing them in advance. Understand that we all have fear inside us; it is impossible for anyone to be completely fearless. Some people just don’t show it. However having fear is essential because it makes you more vigilant and serious about things, allowing you to gauge what you are about to do and how difficult the outcome might be.

5. Self-Care

Disgust teaches us to love and self-care by avoiding unhealthy or detrimental behaviors. It also teaches us to uphold our values rejecting anything that goes against them. Disgust is well is not a part of the new emotions in Inside Out 2, but plays an important role in showing self-care and love by avoiding things that are unhealthy and may prove to be harmful in the long run.

Self-care is a very important part of your well-being. It helps maintain your mental peace and keeps your mental balance intact. Sometimes, to maintain this balance, we need to distance ourselves from people whose behavior is quite detrimental and who intend to harm us in some way. Having such people around you can prove to be quite unhealthy.

6. Overcoming Obstacles with Anxiety Inside Out 2

Anxiety can teach us to be tough while dealing with obstacles, even when they seem daunting. Anxiety is one of my favorite additions to the new emotions in Inside Out 2 as it reveals the true scenarios of life. Life isn’t easy; encountering obstacles is natural, but it doesn’t mean we should be afraid of these challenges and not move forward. Anxiety teaches us that despite fear, we should confront these obstacles head-on and continue progressing in life. Whether these obstacles seem small on the surface, we should prepare to deal with them seriously rather than taking them lightly.

7. Gratitude

Envy is also a new addition to the list of new emotions in Inside Out 2, Envy can teach us Gratitude and appreciation, building Self-Confidence and Self-Control motivating us to work towards goals. Self-confidence and self-control, I think these are two very important pillars of life. If you lack self-confidence, you will lag in many things in life. Even if you are not a master in something, you should have self-confidence that you can master it, and this self-confidence should not turn into overconfidence due to an overflow of emotions. That’s why you should have complete self-control over yourself and your emotions.

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8. Purpose of Life

Ennui can teach us to search deeper to find the purpose and meaning of life. It encourages us to discover passion, interest, and enthusiasm. Having a purpose in life is very important; it teaches you to stay focused. When you have a clear goal, you think about the distant future and devise strategies to achieve that goal.

Life is incomplete without a purpose, and you will never be able to achieve success without it. Finding the purpose of life is not an easy task, and no one else can do it for you; you have to think from within yourself and discover the ultimate purpose of your life. Also, Ennui is one of the new emotions in Inside Out 2 movie.

9. Self-Acceptance

Embarrassment can teach us to accept flaws and build resilience. It teaches learning from mistakes and bouncing back from tough situations. Embarrassment is the last and cute addition to the list of new emotions in Inside Out 2 movie. Making mistakes is common, and it’s very difficult to move forward in life without making mistakes. Nobody is born perfect; we all learn from our mistakes. Instead of getting embarrassed by these mistakes, take them as lessons and try not to repeat them. Build resilience within yourself, understand your weaknesses, work on them, and turn them into strengths.

10. Feel Emotions from Inside and Express Feelings

Lastly, I would say to feel your emotions from within without being too hard on yourself. Remember that you are human and it’s through these emotions that you are connected to nature. Whatever the purpose of your life may be, your emotions will lead you closer to that purpose. Use these emotions as a source of strength and don’t let them become your weakness. I hope you enjoy and feel these new emotions in Inside Out 2 movie released on 14th June in cinemas near you.

New Emotions in Inside Out 2 Trailer


To Conclude, The addition of new emotions in Inside Out 2 movie will make the movie more exciting for the viewers, but a more important point to note is that even though these emotions are expressed are fictional characters in an animated movie and they all revolve around a scripted storyline, but they teach us something valuable in life.

Be it Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear, Sadness, or the new addition of emotions such as Envy, Ennui, Embarrassment, and Anxiety in Inside Out 2, all of them teach you new ways of tackling various obstacles in your life. I hope the sequel and the new emotions in Inside Out 2 will bring joy and happiness to all its viewers who are planning to watch the movie.

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