8 Ways in Which Perspective and Mindset Are Correlated

Did you ever wonder why there are conflicts in relationships and what triggers them?

What leads to misunderstandings and why small matters can make someone upset without any apparent reason?

There might be many more such questions triggering your mind, the answers to which you are still wandering to find. In this article, I will explain how understanding other’s mindsets and perspectives can help resolve issues in a relationship. These two cognitive constructs are different and at the same time are related to each other that influence decision-making.

I believe there is a lot that will covered in this article, but before we start, I have explained perspective and mindset in-depth separately, so If you want to get more clarity on these two terms, I would recommend going through those as they will assist you to better understand these two terms.


Difference between Perspective and Mindset

If you have already skimmed through my previous blog posts, you would have understood by now that perspective simply refers to an individual’s way of looking at things, while mindset is closely related to an individual’s attitude and behavior which is a reflection of his thinking. Citing out the differences between the two:





Can be changed based on facts, evidence, and opinions.

Changing someone’s mindset is often much more challenging.


Depends on the events of the situation.

Depends on your thinking, beliefs, culture, and environment.

External factors

Personal experiences and the viewpoints of others play a significant

Nurturing and learning significantly matter in shaping a mindset.


There can be multiple views to view a single situation.

People often approach a situation with a particular mindset.


To understand someone’s perspective, it’s important to listen to them

To understand someone’s mindset, it’s necessary to observe them


Reveals different angles of a situation.

Helps understand other’s attitudes and behavior.


Knowing others’ perspectives allows you to form a resolution approach.

Knowing other’s mindsets enables you to formulate a communication


Can be short-term and immediate.

Is usually long-term and widespread.

I have explained the differences between the two by considering different aspects, but we need to keep in mind that even though these two differ from each other, they are often used interchangeably, and we will delve into their relationship further.

How does Mindset impact Perspective?

It is essential to understand that the way our mindset and thoughts are shaped, our perspective becomes similar, It means that suppose you have a fixed mindset, you might perceive another’s viewpoint contrary to yours as incorrect, whether you think of it positively or negatively.

Let’s understand this with an example, some people have a mindset that all the household chores are the responsibilities of the daughter-in-law and should all be done by her alone. This mindset has been ingrained in them since childhood because in Indian households it has been that way for generations. Now, if the husband lends a helping hand to her wife with household chores, then it might be viewed as wrong as per their fixed mindset and the limited perspective they hold.

While, those having a growth mindset will understand that nowadays times are changing rapidly, and with that, there’s a need for a change in the mindset of others. When you are willing to change your attitude and thinking, your perspective will also change. For example, in the above case, If the thinking undergoes a change with the changing times, their views may also change significantly. This could make them realize that if the husband and wife are jointly managing all the household chores, there’s nothing wrong with it and in today’s world, it is very common in many households.

It is important to realize that Indian parent’s mindset tends to become fixed as they grow in age, and their perspective might not change easily. So, at their age, you cannot expect them to easily understand all this and readily accept the change. Bringing the change will take time, it has to come gradually.

However, until then, you may need to maintain the decorum of the house and not rebel against their opinions. Slowly and steadily, their fixed mindset will transform into a growth mindset. It is crucial to earn their trust and confidence so that they don’t face difficulties in embracing the change. Doing things peacefully may take some time, but in the long run, they will definitely happen and that’s why patience is a must-have trait in life.

How Perspective Influences Mindset

When you consistently view a situation with a negative perspective, it might still come across as wrong to you, and this happens because your mindset towards it becomes skewed in that direction. That highlights the importance of perspectives.

If we change the way we look at things, we might see a divine presence in a stone; otherwise, for others, it’s merely a statue made of stone. Your perspective of looking at things can also change your mindset. If you see things with a negative attitude, your outlook can become negative as well. Conversely, if you approach things with a positive mood, even failures will appear as opportunities.

Let’s understand this with an example, The perspective of girls towards a relationship is quite different compared to boys. If I talk about my relationship, my wife has a slightly stronger emotional connection in our relationship compared to me. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have an emotional connection at all. I do have one, but it might not be as strong as hers. Similarly, if I speak about myself, my outlook tends to be quite logical, and I prefer to focus more on logically feasible matters.

My wife was raised in a joint family where she received a lot of affection and love. Her every wish was easily fulfilled there, and she is accustomed to being pampered in her own home. Her friend circle has mostly been composed of girls, and she has been inspired by romantic movies and social media from a young age.

All these factors have shaped her perspective towards marriage, where she envisions herself in a dream world, imagining that one day a prince charming will come and sweep her off her feet. Her mindset has also been shaped by all of this to believe in the concept of living “happily ever after” after marriage, much like what is portrayed in movies. And living in this superficial world, she forms expectations that, when not entirely met, lead her to face disappointment.

On the other hand, speaking about myself, nothing has come easily in life. I’ve had to work hard and come up with creative solutions to achieve anything. I grew up in a disciplined environment with both love and discipline from my parents. Since childhood, I’ve been taught that education is the path to success and that I need to achieve financial stability and provide a better life for myself and my family.

I’ve moved away from the imaginary world depicted in movies and focused on the realities of life. My mindset has evolved to a point where I’ve started to think about things more with my mind than my heart. And perhaps that’s why setting expectations and not having them fully met doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

Because our perspectives towards marriage are different, our mindsets have been shaped accordingly. For her, emotions and love, and being together, are more important, while for me, keeping my family united and providing them a comfortable life holds greater significance. My parents are just as important to me as my wife.

How can a positive attitude resolve conflict?

The primary reason for conflicts in relationships often stems from the divergence of mindsets and perspectives due to two individuals having different viewpoints. When you approach a problem with a positive mindset you will:

  • Seek opportunities to resolve it and won’t focus on failures.
  • Not get disheartened by small things and consistently strive to improve the existing situations.
  • Listen to people without judging them.
  • Understand people’s perspectives and manage to gain their trust.
  • Understand everyone’s troubles and pain areas and be able to positively correlate them together.
  • Focus your energy on making situations normal and better.
  • Maintain a calm nature and won’t make hasty, wrong decisions.
  • Work solely to spread positivity, and negativity won’t even come into your thoughts.
  • Positively influence other’s perspectives.
  • Focus on connecting relationships, not breaking them.
  • Learn from every aspect of a problem and try to make it better.
  • Contemplate an approach that is suitable for everyone.
  • Consider a distant perspective where the goal is not just a temporary fix, but a long-term resolution.
  • Stay within the end goal of achieving inner peace through synched harmony.

So, having a positive attitude means approaching the solution in a structured manner, aiming to restore peace and harmony at home without further unnecessary conflicts.

Can People with different Mindsets be together?

Absolutely, individuals with different mindsets can coexist if they understand the principles of synched harmony and implement them in their lives. The true essence of relationships lies in understanding each other and making adjustments and sacrifices for each other’s happiness without sacrificing one’s own joys. To achieve this, both individuals need to have a growth mindset, where they are open to changes.

You’ll need to grasp each other’s perspectives and mindsets and adjust to them accordingly. It’s possible that you might have to let go of some things you like, but there shouldn’t be anything that compromises your own happiness. You’ll need to put in effort so that your partner realizes that you genuinely care. When they understand your love, they’ll also start making efforts from their end and adjust to make the relationship work.

When you adopt a positive mindset and perspective, gradually your partner’s fixed mindset may transition into a growth mindset, leading to a shift from negative thinking to positive thinking. I understand that it might take some time, and you might face disappointments along the way. However, not giving up is essential. In the future, whether things turn out the way you want, your outlook towards life will definitely change. You will become a person who has progressed significantly on the path of synched harmony.

The Power to Change Your Perspective on Life | Gary Vee


To conclude, we have discussed perspectives and mindsets in detail, highlighting how different yet similar they are. Their influence on each other is significant, and understanding them properly can make resolving relationship matters easier.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section about your perspective on relationships and the mindset you’ve held regarding them. Also, if you found this article helpful, please provide feedback to assist us in continuous improvement.

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