12 Captivating Things That Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing But Are Deceitful

It is often said that not everything that glitters is gold. Something that looks good on the outside might be hollow on the inside or have been made more attractive with external enhancements. It is often difficult to understand that looks can be deceptive, so you cannot compare any beautiful-looking object solely based on its appearance with real gold.

In life, many aesthetically pleasing things attract your mind, but in reality, they can be deceptive. It is more accurate to say that these things are not always what they seem. Today, in this article, we will discuss 12 things that appear aesthetically pleasing but can be deceitful.


Through this article, I will try to help readers understand that although these aesthetically pleasing things can easily attract your attention, knowing their truth can help you control your emotions and avoid deception. I want to make you aware of the reality of life through this article, and my aim is that you too understand these things and make more mature decisions in life so that your mental peace is maintained.

Aesthetically Pleasing Meaning & Synonyms

Have you ever felt that something looks very beautiful, but in reality, its beauty is just a facade and not as attractive a proposition as it seems? There must have been many times when you looked at someone else’s life and thought, “Wow, they have it so good, while my life is dull.”

See, we are human beings, and we have emotions that set us apart from inanimate objects. It is natural for us to feel an attraction towards something because of these emotions, but we should learn to control these emotions and understand the difference between the external and internal beauty of anything.

We need to be clear that something that looks aesthetically pleasing is truly as beautiful as it appears or if its reality is quite different from its appearance. If you want to keep your emotions in check and use them as a strength, you can read the article below, which provides good tips on mastering emotional control and calmness.

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If you search on Google, aesthetically pleasing means something that is visually appealing and brings happiness and joy to your mind as soon as you see it. If seeing something brings a smile to your face and fills your heart with joy and delight, then that thing is aesthetically appealing to you. See, there can be many examples of this, such as the luxurious lives of others, the happy moments in people’s social media lives, large friend circles, fame-filled lives, or a smiling face. All these may look aesthetically appealing, but the truth behind them might be something entirely different.

Aesthetically appealing has many different synonyms such as beautiful, attractive, visually appealing, eye-catching, delightful, elegant, etc. However, they all relate to something that pleases the heart. I would say that these words are created just to describe the visual beauty of something, and using them can generate a unique excitement in your mind.

I think we’ve understood what aesthetically pleasing means. Now, let’s focus on the core agenda of this article and find out which 12 things are aesthetically appealing but also deceitful.

12 Captivating Things That Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing But Are Deceitful

1. Life Far From Home

Often, when we start earning and stand on our own feet, the idea of living away from home seems aesthetically appealing. We feel that we are no longer dependent on anyone and can now bear our expenses ourselves while also contributing to household expenses. The things we couldn’t obtain despite being stubborn in childhood, we can now buy with our own money whenever we want and enjoy them. It feels like there are no restrictions, no interference, and no nagging from family members; we can live as we please.

But to be honest, this all sounds good only in theory. In reality, life is much different. When we miss our loved ones while living away from home, we understand their true importance. When we realize that there is no one to back us up and we have to face everything alone, that’s when we learn how to handle challenges. Eating the same old food from the PG or maid every day makes us long for the taste of our mother’s cooking.

Half of our time is spent dealing with office stress, and the weekends are consumed by household chores. The salary we earn seems to disappear quickly, and we don’t even realize where it goes. And in those moments, we constantly miss home, realizing that the peace of living at home is much better than living away.

2. Money

Everyone wants to earn money, everyone wants to become rich; in fact, people’s entire lives are spent earning money. That’s why, in my opinion, money is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world. If you have money, what can’t you do? They say that everything can be bought with money, but I believe that you can’t put a price on everything. There are many invaluable things in this world that money can’t buy, and some of those things are love, true friendship, a mother’s affection, emotions, and peace.

If you think about it, those who aren’t obsessed with money can enjoy all the happiness that even money can’t provide. The greed for money only increases your hunger for it, and in the pursuit of earning it, you might end up wasting your entire life. Then, one day in your old age, you might think that when it was time to enjoy life, you spent all your time earning money, and now that you have plenty of money, you don’t have the time to spend it.

The person who is content with themselves is truly enjoying the real pleasures of life, while the one who only chases money is suffering the sorrow of loneliness in their grand mansion.

3. Fake Relationships

In a Relationship where there is no real love and only pretense may look aesthetically pleasing, but in reality, they are fake. Nowadays, the trend of fake relationships on social media is just a show. There are a lot of couples who don’t even know each other before marriage, but within a week of getting married, they tag their partner as the “best husband in the world.” They claim they didn’t find true love before marriage, but as soon as they get married, they find their “love for life.” These are all fake relationships. Couples who loudly celebrate their new marriages often start having many arguments later on.


People nowadays don’t think practically; they prefer to live in their dream world and search for their life partners in that fantasy. They don’t want to see their real life with their partners and continue living in their daydreams. But when that dream world collapses and they face reality, they realize how fake their relationship was. True life tests the loyalty of your partner when you live under one roof and face real hardships together.

So, don’t feel disheartened by seeing other people’s fake relationships. Instead, work on making your real life better and more fulfilling.

4. Social Media

In the age of social media, it’s become very easy to fool people. Just post 2-4 good couple photos, think of a catchy hashtag, and post it—that’s it. The world starts believing that this couple’s life is truly blessed. Actually, through social media, we can’t see people’s true emotions because it only shows us what people want to show. Many influencers are thriving on fake relationships, but if you see their real lives, they are living even worse than you. People think that creating a reel on a caring theme with fake expressions means these influencers have an amazing life.

People start expecting their partners to be the same, but it’s not true. Life isn’t like what people show on social media. Life is actually what you are living. If you are happy in your life, there is no need to show it on social media. Social media is full of fake things that only entertain you and motivate you to do things that might be wrong. Therefore, it’s important to understand that no matter how aesthetically pleasing social media life appears, it is still deceitful.

5. Large Friend Circles

Seeing large friend circles of others around, you might think that their lives are so happening and that they are truly enjoying life. But the truth is, it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as it seems. As your life matures, you understand that having many friends isn’t necessary, but having true friends who stand by you in both good and bad times is essential. Finding such friends is a blessing.


Trust me, very few people genuinely care for your well-being. Most people just know how to take advantage of you. If you have few friends but even one or two are true, it’s more beneficial than having a large circle of acquaintances. Some people will be there only when your life is going well, and you can fulfill their desires. However, true friends don’t care about your money or your good life; they stand by you in both joy and sorrow.

Never hope for a large friend circle; instead, hope for a few true friends who will stick by you throughout life. Remember, you’ll meet many people in life, but very few will truly touch your heart. When you find such people, don’t let them go, as the bond with true friends forms naturally and doesn’t need any effort to maintain.

6. Hedonistic Lifestyle

A life filled with extravagance may seem aesthetically pleasing, but in reality, it’s more deceitful than it appears. A person who can’t achieve anything through hard work and is living off illicit earnings will never progress in life, nor does he have any future.

It’s important to understand that only those who earn money through hard work can truly value it, while those who receive it as charity will never understand its importance. You must have seen many people who just show off their wealth, flaunting their luxurious cars, big houses, expensive clothes, roaming in expensive places, but they’ve achieved nothing on their own in life. And those who have achieved something through their hard work never openly share their lives like this.

So, remember, no matter how aesthetically pleasing a life of extravagance may seem, one day it will drown them, and it will drown them so deep that they won’t be able to recover because neither they can earn a living nor the happiness in simple two square meals earned through hard work.

7. Fame

Fame is something that looks quite aesthetically pleasing on the surface, but in reality, it is much more deceitful. It’s a kind of addiction that once it takes hold, doesn’t let go easily. Nowadays, people are very eager to become wealthy quickly, to become famous overnight, and they are willing to do anything for it. And then, whether they achieve success with that work or face criticism, it doesn’t matter to them, nor do they care about the respect of those close to them.

It’s important to understand that people naturally love you, understand your hard work and dedication, and naturally make you their role model, and for that, you don’t need to do anything that would portray your example in the wrong way. Earned fans through hard work will take you far, while the fame earned through wrong means will also lead to your downfall. We often see a successful person, but we don’t realize what sacrifices they must have made to get there, what situations they must have faced, which they don’t show behind their smiling faces. So, understand that earning respect is much more difficult than fame, so focus on hard work, not on wrongdoings.

8. A Happy Face

No matter how aesthetically pleasing a smiling face may seem, we never know how many hidden troubles lie behind that face. Just like an individual hides their sorrows behind their smile, we often fail to realize the struggles they might be going through. Not every smiling face indicates a happy and content life; sometimes, people try to conceal their pains with their laughter.

A person stuck in depression may show a happy face once, and we may not even realize it. That’s why it’s difficult to gauge someone’s happiness solely by their outward expressions. Sometimes, people try to mask their sorrows with laughter, attracting others with their smiles instead of shedding tears. These are the people who end up feeling quite alone in life. It’s not necessary that someone who appears happy is truly happy, but they may be hiding their sorrows and enjoying whatever little happiness comes their way.

9. Quick Rich Scheme

You must have heard a famous meme saying that money doubles every 25 days. There are many messages like this floating around, tempting you with the idea that your money will double in just a few days or even exceed that, and all these things sound very aesthetically pleasing at first glance. But the question is, is there any truth hidden in all these claims? It makes you wonder if such things are possible in life, and if they are, why isn’t the rest of the world investing in these things yet?

Look, in life, nothing comes without hard work, and something that promises to make you rich in a short time is nothing but a strategy to lure you in. Those who get trapped in this end up losing their hard-earned money in just moments. It’s never possible for someone to become rich overnight because if that were the case, there wouldn’t be a shortage of money in this world, and perhaps money wouldn’t hold as much value as it does today.

The truth is, schemes like this seem aesthetically pleasing because people don’t want to work hard; they want to become wealthy overnight and earn so much money quickly that they never have to work hard their entire lives. They just want to live a life of luxury overnight. But is this real life? Is there really a scheme that can make you rich overnight and solve all your problems? Think for yourself; if someone is enticing you with the idea of becoming rich quickly by taking advantage of your circumstances, then understand that they are not helping you but planning to take advantage of you.

10. Ulterior Motive Assistance

It’s important to understand that nobody in this world helps others for free, and if someone is doing so, there might be a hidden agenda behind it. Even if someone seems very eager to help us, we need to be cautious and not trust them blindly. It’s often seen that some people offer help because they want to extract some benefit from us.

Sometimes, you may have noticed that people come forward to help you when you least expected it. Sometimes, they offer help that seems too good to be true and appears aesthetically pleasing, but upon closer inspection, you realize they have ulterior motives. It’s possible that they have a hidden agenda that could ultimately harm you.

So, it’s essential to understand that if someone is trying to showcase their expertise for free, do you need their expertise, and if so, what’s the catch? And if there is a need, what exactly are they trying to achieve with their intentions? My point is not that everyone who wants to help is doing so for the wrong reasons. My attention is solely to make you aware that in this world, many people are ready to take advantage of your vulnerabilities and steal your happiness. It’s better to understand such people and not accept help from them, as it’s in your best interest.

11. Fictional Series

The cinematic world is a world of dreams where everything shown appears to be very aesthetically pleasing only in dreams because real life is not like that. It’s important to understand that it’s created that way so that you feel better inside, although you may feel like you wish your life was like that too, which would be great. All that you see is as much fictional as it is dramatic, created to bring some moments of happiness into your life. It triggers emotions in you that otherwise may not be possible in your life. And not just emotions, it also tries to create an environment that you like and want to adopt in your real life.

But if you look at it in the right sense, real life can never be as aesthetically pleasing as a film’s storyline because everything in the cinematic life is scripted, with every line written in a certain way to make you feel the need for that thing in your life. It’s essential to understand that not everything in life is scripted; releasing some things from the cinematic world to real life is imaginative. However, real-life experiences are quite different and practical from what is shown in the cinematic world.

12. Life Without Hiccups

A life without stress, tension, and obstacles, and being completely smooth is as aesthetically pleasing as it is deceptive. It’s important to understand that we are on Earth, not in heaven. Life is not possible without struggle. If you think you can live your life smoothly without hardships, then perhaps you’re mistaken.

I believe that without struggle, you won’t learn anything in life. Humans learn when they feel, and if they keep getting everything easily, they may not learn anything. Success doesn’t come without struggle. If you want to succeed in the mess of life, you have to struggle, and face obstacles, and only then will you live a life that reduces the ups and downs but never eliminates them completely.

No matter how comfortable your life is, if there are no ups and downs, then you’re not truly living. In a life where everything comes to you easily, you won’t appreciate the things that require hard work. So, I believe that you should never expect a life where you don’t face any challenges because what God has decided for you will remain. It’s your job to face obstacles and make your life comfortable on the right path.

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To Conclude, In the world, many things may appear aesthetically pleasing, but if you understand them in reality, they can be quite deceitful. Look, the meaning of ‘aesthetically pleasing’ is that it will show you external beauty and appear quite attractive to you. But whether it is like that in reality or not, there is no guarantee.

There are many things that our minds get attracted to, and we cannot control our emotions. But if we try to understand them a bit deeply and make an effort to see that what appears as it is, may not be the case, then we will be able to uncover many hidden secrets and make mature decisions in our lives based on that understanding. Understanding that appearances can be deceiving is crucial, whether it’s about money or the artificial lives presented on social media. Aesthetically pleasing things might not have any real significance in life.

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