10 Reasons Why You Should Never Argue With a Fool

A proverb goes, “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” beautifully explained by Mark Twain. It signifies that there is no point in arguing with those who lack the capacity to understand your words. Arguing with a fool leads to less conversation and more argument, making it difficult for others to distinguish between the wise and the foolish. It’s not just about others; by arguing with a fool, you might begin to realize that perhaps you’re the foolish one for engaging in this debate.


Peaceful living seems to be declining in today’s world, and conflicts, arguments, and quarrels have become more common. People’s mindsets have shifted to a point where even normal conversations can escalate unexpectedly. Engaging in arguments and conflicts not only wastes time but also hurts mental peace. It’s important to find ways to navigate these situations peacefully for our well-being.

What Does Argue Mean – Argue Synonym

Argue can have a few different meanings, but it is mostly related to the idea of convincing someone and providing reasons to them to consider your views. It can also be related to a disagreement of views and opinions and giving them your reason for the disagreement.

Concerning Mark’s statement, when someone argues, they attempt to forcefully impose their thoughts on the other person and disregard their opinions and views. When two people argue with each other, instead of listening to each other’s thoughts and views, they start imposing their thoughts on each other and begin to disregard the other person’s words.

When you argue with someone, it can also take the form of a quarrel or conflict because, in such arguments, no one wants to listen to anyone; rather, they want to prove the other person’s views wrong. A quarrel or a conflict is an escalated form of an argument where the conversation gets heated up and may not result in a peaceful outcome.

It’s essential to understand that arguing isn’t just about fighting or engaging in heated debates; sometimes, arguments are conducted positively when you engage in constructive brainstorming sessions to propose your ideas and views, leading to productive conversations. Valid arguments can compel you to consider things from perspectives beyond your limited viewpoint.

Arguing is necessary to make any conversation constructive, especially if you want to derive meaningful insights from it. However, when a fool argues with you, such arguments become destructive instead of constructive, and the original purpose of the conversation is lost.

In this article, we will emphasize understanding 10 Reasons that will explain why you should never argue with a fool and how engaging in such arguments impacts your mental balance. Additionally, we will also explore how staying calm in such situations can help you maintain stable mental peace.

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Argue With a Fool

Let’s skip defining the term “fool” since it’s likely known to everyone, and can be subjective, so without wasting any time on this, let’s dive straight into the topic and explore the reasons why you should never argue with a fool.

1. Pointless Debate

The main reason why you should never argue with a fool is that it leads to a pointless debate. You get stuck in a discussion where instead of having a productive conversation, irrelevant things start to be discussed. No matter how much you try to prove your point, or how many facts you use to support your arguments, a fool will simply hear your words from one ear and let them out from the other. They latch onto an issue that has no real connection to the main issue and start arguing about that. In the end, you’ll realize that talking to such a person is not productive but rather heading towards a pointless discussion.

2. Unmatched Level

Another thing is, you can’t match their level. You can’t even estimate how low they might stoop to win an argument, and it could be a level that you can’t even imagine. You’ll start feeling internally that if you want to win an argument with a fool, you might have to compromise your mental peace. A fool will go to such extremes just to win an argument that they won’t see anything else besides that, even if it means losing respect in front of others.

3. Talk Less, Argue More

When talking to a fool, productive talks decrease, and pointless debates increase. These individuals tend to focus more on useless arguments rather than thoughtful discussions on the actual issue. Even if you try to have a peaceful and normal conversation with them, they will turn it into an argument. A fool lacks the capacity to take things lightly and will see your normal conversations as arguments. Their focus remains on proving you wrong, and their mind operates in that direction. Therefore, there’s no scope for understanding here, and conflicts and arguments easily arise.

4. Proving You Wrong

A fool direct all their efforts towards proving you wrong, and that’s why I say they simply lack the ability to understand your concerns because their mind is solely occupied with proving you wrong. They can’t comprehend your valid arguments and just ignore them. Their purpose isn’t to solve the issue at hand but to prove themselves superior by proving you wrong. They want to show others who the smartest person in the conversation is and continuously strive to create a negative image of you by proving you wrong.

5. Wasting Time and Efforts

Another reason why you should never argue with a fool is that engaging in a conversation with them is a waste of your time and effort trying to convince them. When there’s no benefit in talking to them, why would you want to waste your valuable time getting entangled in an argument with them? It’s better to let them win that meaningless argument and not invest your time in proving yourself right. By saving this time, you can engage in other productive tasks where your mental peace won’t be compromised.

6. Unheeding

There’s a significant difference between hearing and listening. When you hear something, it doesn’t mean you’re focused on it, just like imagine being in an environment with various background noises, such as the humming of appliances, murmurs of people, footsteps, typing sounds, etc. You can’t focus on every sound simultaneously. The same concept applies here, where a fool disregards all your meaningful points and focuses only on those where they can argue with you.

7. Competing Attitude

Such individuals are often highly competitive, assertive, and less cooperative. They are self-centered and have little regard for others’ concerns. They only know how to get their way and can go to any extent to achieve it. With such people, you can’t expect cooperation, nor can you cooperate with them because they will use it against you. A fool is often self-centered and is often inspired by individuals who are similar to them and that’s a big reason why you should never argue with a fool.

8. Mind Drain

I think the biggest reason why you should never argue with a fool is the disturbance of your mental peace. Just imagine how much mental energy is wasted in such situations. You’re spending your time and effort on someone who doesn’t care at all. When you see your efforts going in vain, it naturally leads to irritation, causing your temper to rise. In the midst of all this, you might make a mistake in anger that could lead to regret later on. To avoid disturbing your mental peace, it’s better to maintain your composure and not lose yourself in such situations.


9. Escalations

Since there’s no resolution to the discussions, things tend to escalate quickly. The real issue often gets left behind, and trivial matters start taking the shape of a major conflict. You start feeling how the conversation began and where it has reached without any valid reason. You realize that while the other person may be enjoying these arguments, you don’t have time to waste on such things, so it’s best to avoid them.

10. Hampered Reputation

The other person doesn’t care about their own reputation, but you should be mindful of your own reputation. If you argue with a fool, it could severely damage your reputation, and people might start seeing you as a fool too. If you stoop to the level of a fool, then what’s the difference between you and them? So, try to exercise self-control and handle the situation calmly to maintain your self-respect. Losing respect can take a long time to regain, so don’t let it be compromised.

Now that we’ve discussed why you should never argue with a fool, what should you do if you find yourself in a situation where you have to face a fool, despite your best efforts to avoid it? In such situations, it’s better to exercise self-control and handle the situation calmly. I’ve explained these two terms in detail, which you can read through the link provided below.

Must Read: Self-control is Strength. Calmness is Mastery. You – Tymoff – 10 Powerful Reasons

Calmness and self-control play a very important role while dealing with such situations, especially when dealing with a fool. You need to know how to control your anger. To keep your anger in check, you must master the art of self-control. When you can exercise an extreme form of self-control, you can also master calmness.

The following extract below is from one of my already-published articles, which has been well-received by many of you. I am including it here due to its relevance to this article so that you can easily understand the significant role calmness plays during an argument.

Calmness is Mastery – The Art of Emotion Control

Staying calm in moments of chaos is the greatest mastery. Often, in tough situations, we hesitate and, in that anxiety, we make mistakes that worsen the situation. I think practicing calmness is the most important skill, and mastering this skill should be a life goal for all of us.

Speaking of calmness, what is calmness? It’s the highest form of self-control over your emotions. When you become so skilled at controlling your emotions that you never let them overpower you, you reach the mastery level of calmness. 

You might have noticed that when we are tense in a situation, we often end up making mistakes because, at that moment, we are not fully using our minds. In tense situations, if your emotions overpower you, you lose control over yourself and cannot understand what is happening to you. In such situations, the chances of things getting worse increase.

Stress, tension, and pressure are all overbursts of emotions that overpower your mind. If you do not let these emotions overpower you and remain calm in challenging circumstances, you can tackle these tricky situations with much more ease.

You can also relate a calm state to meditation. Usually, when you meditate, you let go of all the thoughts running through your mind and focus solely on your breath until your entire attention is centered on it. Gradually, your focus shifts from your breath to other parts of your mind and body, and amidst all this, the numerous thoughts in your mind disappear on their own, and you find yourself in a peaceful state.

Never argue with a fool ! Short Story


To Conclude, Mark Twain’s saying, Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference, holds a deep meaning, which we have understood through the 10 reasons mentioned above. We have learned that sometimes, losing an argument rather than winning it is the best way to maintain your mental peace. If you argue with a fool, you are wasting your time and efforts, and it may not even lead to a solution to the problem. Instead of arguing with such people, it’s better to preserve your reputation and avoid draining your mind. You won’t be able to stoop to their level, and it’s in your best interest not to harm your reputation by doing so.

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