Thinking Beyond Perspective, Just 1 Step to Transform Your Vision in Life

The capacity of thinking for humans is limited and biased because their perspective is narrow when it comes to contemplating any situation. They usually think in the same direction as their minds are conditioned to do so and this leads them to think unilaterally and take actions based on what seems right. In the midst of all this, people tend to react hastily and end up doing things that they later regret.

Dealing with a situation with anger and frustration can significantly limit our ability to think logically and we often end up doing exactly what our inner frustration wants us to do during such times, it becomes difficult to comprehend between the correct and the incorrect path. Therefore, before reacting to a complex situation we often fail to consider the potential after-effects that may arise as an outcome and that is why it is essential to assess the impact of those actions and the influence they can have in the future.


It is important to consider not only the immediate consequences but also the impact it can make in the long term, decisions taken without careful thought and incomplete understanding can result in an inaccurate judgment and may cause more harm than necessary.

Thinking Beyond Perspective and Conflicts?

Thinking beyond perspective is about observing things that may not be immediately apparent or visible, and thinking beyond the limitations imposed by your own set perspective. It involves thinking beyond your current perspective and considering alternative possibilities, implications, consequences, and viewpoints. The primary intention to do so is to prevent you from making impulsive decisions without careful consideration, which could negatively impact the present and may worsen the future. In circumstances where anger and annoyance limit your thinking, it’s important to take a step back and think beyond your emotions to consider all the potential repercussions it can have on the relationship harmony today and in the near future.

Having a long-term vision is indeed crucial because it not only defines your goals and objectives to achieve but also gives you motivation to progress ahead in your life. If you don’t have a vision and a set of personal objectives to achieve for yourself, you will fail to find a fruitful purpose for your life which can limit your thinking and growth. First and foremost, it is important to contemplate what is a vision and how it can help set goals to achieve in the future.

Importance of Long-Term Vision in Life and Relationships?

In my understanding, vision is the essence of life, it can be that one goal that will define you as a person and something you want to pursue and remain committed to throughout your life. It is the purpose for which you are willing to dedicate your entire life striving to achieve it. Vision should not solely be dependent on financial or career aspects because it’s important to remember that a high-paying job and wealth alone may not bring true contentment and peace, but a happy family, good mental health, and excellent well-being are also important.

The benefit of having a long-term vision is that it expands your capacity to think beyond your narrow and biased perspective which can assist you to contemplate your thoughts and ideas that you might not have considered otherwise, allowing for a broader and more holistic approach to your thinking. Wise individual aligns their actions with their vision and objectives to ensure that they may not negatively impact their future. In contrast, an ignorant person reacts without much thought and later experiences prolonged regret.

Keeping my family together and ensuring their happiness and harmony is an important life goal for me. Living a life filled with peace and tranquillity allows me to focus my mind where I find joy and contentment. This is the part of my vision that drives me to consistently strive towards maintaining relationship harmony and bringing happiness and peace. This goal cannot be achieved alone, but continuous efforts are required by everyone to fulfill this objective in some way.

It is a common desire for anyone to have peace and harmony in their life, However, in reality, such ideal situations are often depicted in TV shows and may not reflect the actual complexities of real life. The world portrayed in a TV show can seem superficial in today’s times because there are very few households that experience such perfect and sorted lives. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why people enjoy watching it, as it takes them into an imaginary world where they can relate themselves to the circumstances, but their life is not necessarily sorted as depicted in the TV show.

When you have identified objectives focussed on your personal well-being and the happiness of your family, your mindset and thinking will undergo a transformation and you may start examining things closely, pondering whether they align with your vision. You will adopt a strategy of thinking before acting as you will make yourself aware that the turbulence experienced in life today may negatively impact the future where there is a possibility of failing to achieve your life goals, and that is something you wouldn’t want to happen.

What is the difference between self-respect and arrogance?

One key learning from my past experience is that it is important to keep your arrogance in check. Often, people mistake their arrogance for self-respect and end up confusing themselves with their arrogance as hurting their self-esteem thus leading to actions that may ruin their inner peace. An arrogant person believes he is always correct and such individuals, driven solely by their arrogance, tend to react inappropriately to circumstances without thinking, assuming whatever they are doing is the best outcome for keeping their self-respect.

In the long run, they self realize that their actions were wrong and they regret the way they behaved earlier. Those who never realize it remain filled with arrogance and a highly assertive attitude throughout their lives. These are those people who nobody likes and nobody would prefer to keep them around, the farther they stay, the more peaceful your life will be. Gradually, arrogance prevails in their life and nothing else remains, they become lonely and frustrated and wander alone in search of true happiness.

It is important to understand that being arrogant is not bliss and it should not be confused with self-respect. Explain this to yourself and to those who matter to you. Arrogance should not matter in front of your loved ones as there are only a few people in your life whom you care about and consider as a part of your family. Would you want to disrespect and distance yourself from them? Is your arrogance bigger than their presence in your life?

It is your attitude that is provoking you, indicating that your self-respect is being questioned and any actions you may take to protect your self-respect will be justified. However, when you calmly reflect on your deeds with a calm mind, you may realize that it can further worsen the situation. Resolving a conflict requires thinking beyond the boundaries of perspective and aligning the thinking of those involved in the conflict in the same direction. It is important to understand that the true essence of life does not lie in showing arrogance but in maturely handling things by demonstrating magnanimity.

Thinking beyond the boundaries of perspective is like searching for light in a dark cave, hoping that on the other side, you’ll witness the rays of the sun. It’s with that hope that you keep moving forward, believing that something is motivating you to progress. In challenging situations, you have to struggle to find that glimmer of hope that can illuminate your life. To discover that ray of hope, you must endure the struggles that show you the path to a contented life ahead.

To take control of the situation it is essential to think beyond the present and motivate others to think in the same direction. It’s crucial to make them understand the impact it can have on their happiness in the upcoming times, and the narrow perspective they hold today may not lead to positive outcomes in the future. It is important to show them the world ahead from a different lens and make them realize that none of them desires the destruction of harmony in the future.

It’s better to bury the conflict and reconcile with each other to move forward harmoniously. To ensure the betterment of today and the happiness of tomorrow, it is essential to maintain harmony and peace. It strengthens the relationships and provides the strength to face future challenges together. Building mutual respect, love, open communication, and understanding each other’s concerns deepen our connections. This way, we support each other through every difficulty, overcoming them with ease and increasing our happiness together.


To conclude, thinking beyond perspective is essential so that you don’t make hasty decisions that could lead to significant harm in the long run. Sometimes, you need to make decisions with a calm mind, keeping your anger in check, to manage the situation without escalating it.

If you have a vision in life aligned with your long-term relationship goals, your focus should be on achieving those goals, and your actions should be in line with making your future objectives achievable.

Lastly, we have also discussed the difference between self-respect and arrogance and learned that decisions made while mistaking arrogance for self-esteem can negatively impact your relationship goals and vision. Therefore, many times, to nurture relationships, it becomes necessary to let go of your arrogance and be willing to compromise.

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